Student Introduction 9-12
Your most important job is to be a student. You need to be a lifelong learner. Reading, writing, science, social studies, math, vocational and transition skills are very important. You will learn good work habits by helping out at home, at school, in your community, in your church, or by volunteering at local businesses and nonprofit organizations. Any kind of work that you do will help to teach you how to relate to adults and peers in work situations. Some work is paid and some work is volunteer, but all work is important training. By the time you are 16 years old, it is a good time to talk to a career or vocational counselor at your school about getting a job. You will need a work permit and a social security number.

At the beginning of each school year, you should review your portfolio. It is important to constantly update your documentation, resume, references and letters of recommendation with your most current information. What you learn now will help you be successful in both higher education programs and the career of your choice in the future.