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embe Outreach

For persons who are blind and visually impaired

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Specialized Materials / Vendors

Benetech’s online system that increases accessibility of books for people with visual or other print disabilities.

Braille Instruction Resources

Braille Superstore

Braille Writers, Printers and Software

California Canes

California Department of Education
Specialized Media

Daisy Consortium
Digital Talking Books

Dancing Dots
Where Music Meets Technology for the Blind

Don Johnston Learning Resources

Duxbury Systems
Software for Braille with Windows, Macintosh, and DOS

The Electronic Braille Book Library

Enable Link

Enable Mart

Enabling Technologies
Braille Embossers

First Street

Franklin Electronic Publishers

Freedom Scientific
Braille Displays, screen magnification, screen readers, etc.

Freedom Scientific Products

Innovative Rehabilitation Technology, Inc.

Kurzweil Education Systems
Assistive Technology Software

Library Reproduction Service
Large Print Books

Learning, Sight & Sound made easier

Louis Database
Accessible Materials and APH File Repository

Low Vision Aid Products

Low Vision Store.com

Magnifying Aids Products

Ocutech – Low Vision Technology Solutions

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